Air Conditioner

Savana Solar has recently made new updates to our solar air conditioners listed below.

1. New high quality silver plastic logo labels, very attractive for all products.

2. No need to add water, our thermal vacuum system operates exactly the same as a thermal siphon hot water heater, or we have a new patented thermal panel.

3. Guaranteed 50% faster cooling capacity over all conventional air conditioners in the world, with dual condensers and double and triple evaporators.

4. Inside unit self cleaning vacuum, helping keep the filter clean and stop all bacteria's and dust from recirculation into the home or business.

5. VRV dual head system are out to stay, making it easy to connect 2 inside units to one outside unit.

6. Operation at any outside temperature with out shut down. While your inside unit will operate at 4°C with out freezing up, unlike conventional air conditioners.

7. Based on Environments the hotter it is outside the more energy efficient our Savana Solar air conditioners are.

8. Remote control holders.

9. Smart technology micro chip offering indicator led readings.