Square-D 100A 120/240VAC 48VDC MAX 6-Space Surface Mount Nema1 Indoor W/Cover W/Door Load Center

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  • Number of Spaces: 6.0
  • Bus Rating: 100.0
  • Max Wire(main lug): 2 AWG
  • Max AC Voltage: 240.0
  • Max DC Voltage: 48.0
  • Square-D 100A 120/240VAC 48VDC MAX 6-Space Surface Mount Nema1 Indoor W/Cover W/Door Load Center

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    Square D® is the leader in circuit protection, a reputation QO® Load Centers helped to build. The widest range of application solutions. Superior reliability and durability. Exclusive performance innovations such as fast-acting Qwik-Open® protection and Visi-Trip® indication. Advanced technologies offering ground fault circuit interruption, arc fault circuit interruption and surge protection. Installation-simplifying innovations.

  • Typically used as an AC Load Center or Subpanel.
  • Uses QO plug in circuit breakers.
  • Can combine AC Output from multiple inverters or AC Branch Circuits.
  • Can also be used as DC Load Center with Class-T fuses or DC Circuit Breakers.

  • Straight-in wiring design helps minimize service cable bends, cutting waste and saving installation time.
  • Convertible mains let you meet changing job site requirements fast by field converting between main breaker and main lugs.
  • Interior is easily removed for painting or theft protection. Single, captive screw can’t be lost; interior remounts quickly and easily (indoor only).
  • Split branch neutral with up to 50% more terminations than required reduces clutter and simplifies wiring. Included are three 1/0 AWG terminations to accommodate larger wire without the expense and hassle of separate lugs.
  • Top or bottom feed capability lets you rotate enclosure 180º to accommodate top or bottom feed, saving expensive service cable. Covers include provisions for a door lock and have the top two branch circuit twistouts removed to speed installation.
  • Combination slot/square-drive neutral, ground, and cover screws let you use either standard flat-blade screwdriver or square-head driver for positive drive and improved torque
  • Three ground bar mounting locations (left, right and bottom) let you pick the easiest spot to wire. Ground bars are included with most main lugs load centers
  • Automatic flush adjustment cover speeds installation, especially on uneven wall surfaces (below)


    Brand SQUARE D
    Manufacturer Part Number QO612L100DS
    NEMA Rating NEMA 1 (indoor)
    Number of Spaces 6.0
    Bus Rating 100.0
    Max Wire(main lug) 2 AWG
    Max AC Voltage 240.0
    Max DC Voltage 48.0
    Type electricalDistributionSku
    Length 12.0
    Width 8.0
    Height 3.0
    Weight 8.0  LB
    Volume 424.0  CIN
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