Bogart Engineering PM-100-D PentaMetric Battery Monitor

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  • The display unit can be installed up to 1000 ft from the input unit.
  • Compatible Models: Bogart Pentametric
  • Maximum DC Voltage: 100.0
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Bogart Engineering PM-100-D PentaMetric Battery Monitor

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    Bogart Engineering PentaMetric Battery Monitor

    The PentaMetric Battery Monitor measures up to two separate battery systems with a common negative. The meter monitors battery current plus two charging sources/loads. The complete system consists of an input unit placed near the batteries, a display unit that can be placed up to 1,000' from the battery bank, and a computer-interface unit. It can monitor up to three shunts; for example, it can measure solar input, wind input, and battery state-of-charge. Audible and visual alarms warn of high and low battery conditions. An optional Windows software interface allows control of and access to all data from the computer. A relay output enables control of a generator or external alarm. The PentaMetric is covered by a standard 2-year warranty.

    Basic measurements
  • Two voltage channels: 8-100 VDC
  • Three current channels
  • 200 ± 0.01 A with 100 A/100 mV shunt
  • 1,000 ± 0.1 A with 500 A/50 mV or 1,000 A/10 mV shunt
  • Temperature -20 °C to +65 °C

    Secondary measurements
  • Amp-hour (3 channels): up to ±83,000 Ah
  • Cumulative (negative) battery amp-hours (two channels)
  • Smoothed (time filtered) amps
  • Volts (two channels): 0 to 100 VDC
  • Watts (two channels) ±.01 up to 20,000 W
  • Watt-hours (two channels) up to ±21,000 kWh
  • Battery % full (two channels) 0 to 100%
  • Days since batteries charged (two channels) .01 to 250 days
  • Days since batteries equalized (two channels) .01 to 250 days

    Data-logging functions
    The Pentametric Battery Monitor has three data-logging modes that can run simultaneously. With the computer interface, all three types can be output to a spreadsheet file. Periodically Logged data mode records three amp-hour channels, two watt-hour channels, temperature max/min, voltage, and current at regular intervals (once per day to once per minute). Battery Discharge Voltage Profile mode logs voltage and current every time the charge level changes by 5% (or 10%) for up to two battery systems. Battery Cycle Efficiency mode documents system efficiency for up to two battery systems.

    PentaMetric Display unit, requires the Input unit. The display unit can be installed up to 1000 ft from the input unit.


    Brand Bogart Engineering 
    Series PentaMetric
    Manufacturer Part Number PM-100-D
    Warranty 2 years
    Description PentaMetric display unit PM-100D
    Compatible Models Bogart Pentametric
    Maximum DC Voltage 100.0
    Length 8.0  IN
    Width 5.0  IN
    Height 3.5  IN
    Weight 0.8  LB
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