Blue Sky 24V Current Booster

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  • Current Booster Module, 40 amp PWM
  • Max Current: 70.0
  • Max Input Voltage: 50
  • NEMA Rating: NEMA 1 (indoor)
  • Arc Fault Protection: Requires Separate Device
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Blue Sky 24V Current Booster

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    Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost Charge Controllers

    The Blue Sky Solar Boost charge controllers feature Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), reverse-polarity protection, selectable charge voltage set points, and an equalize function. An optional user-friendly digital display is available to monitor PV charge performance. The display shows battery voltage, solar current, charge current, and charge mode, either in the controller, as a remote panel installed up to 300' away, or both. Optional temperature sensor provides for compensation of charge voltage to further improve charge controller and battery performance. Solar Boost controllers are available with or without the digital display and optional remote display. 5-year limited warranty.

    Current Booster Module

    The Current Booster Module (CBM) is an optically isolated high current MOSFET switch. The CBM can be used to greatly increase the load switching capability of Solar Boost charge controllers with load control outputs. The charge controller load control output serves as the input control signal to the CBM and the CBM provides all high current switching for the load.

    The CBM output turns on when a 3 – 32VDC signal is present on it’s input terminals. Input to output optical isolation allows the output to serve as either a low side switch or high side switch.The CBM can also serve as a PWM power driver for the Solar Boost 3024 DUO-Option wind/hydroelectric diversion charge control system. Up to 70 amps can be switched in a DC on/o application or up to 40 amps in a 3024 DUO-Option PWM diversion application.

  • Greatly Increases Load Drive capability of Solar boost charge controller load output
  • Switches 70A DC or 40A Duo-Option PWM

    Current booster module, 24V 70A DC or 24V 40A 3024 Duo-Option PWM, CE labeled.


    Series Blue Sky Energy
    Manufacturer Part Number CBM4070
    Warranty 1-year
    Description Current Booster Module, 40 amp PWM
    Max Current 70.0
    Max Input Voltage 50
    NEMA Rating NEMA 1 (indoor)
    Arc Fault Protection Requires Separate Device
    Length 5.9  IN
    Width 5.6  IN
    Height 2.4  IN
    Weight 1.6  LB


    Input ON voltage 3 – 32VDC
    Input ON current 25mA
    Max Switched Voltage 50VDC
    Max Switched Current At 40ºC 70A DC on/o 40A Duo-Option 100Hz PWM
    Max Surge Current 200A for 10mS
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