Atkinson Generator Start Control Module

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  • Generator start control module
  • Compatible Models: Works with most electric start generators
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Atkinson Generator Start Control Module

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    Atkinson Electronics Generator Start Controller


    The Atkinson GSCM (generator start controller module) is a microprocessor-based generator-starting controller that receives start commands from any 12 VDC output or dry-contact switch, including an inverter or charge controller's auxiliary relay, a voltage-controlled relay, a timer, a water-tank float switch, or any user-supplied contact closure. It automatically controls a gas/propane or diesel powered generator or pump, and is sealed for harsh-environment operation.

    The GSCM provides contact signal relays to start the engine and to disconnect the starter when a minimum generator frequency output is measured. It can monitor the generator operation, shutting it down and displaying the fault conditions detected. The GSCM must be manually reset after a generator fault.

    The GSCM is powered by 12 to 24 VDC from a battery bank and will start generators for 12 to 48 VDC systems. For 48 VDC systems the GSCM must be powered by a 24 VDC-or-less tap on the 48 VDC battery bank, or from the generator’s starting battery. The GSCM provides a 30-day exercise function that can be synchronized with a photovoltaic input to only start each 30-day period at the beginning of the solar charge day. It also has a timed relay that can be used for diesel engine glow plugs. 2-year limited warranty. Dimensions are 5.5"H x 3.3"W x 1.5"D.

  • Automatic starting, load transfer & shutdown of gas/diesel generators, especially for off-grid uses
  • Automatic adjustable voltage set-points for generator battery charging applications, 0-60V DC
  • Works with 12, 24 or 48V battery systems
  • Provides fault shutdown for low oil pressure, high temperature, under-speed or over-speed conditions
  • All sequences have adjustable time periods
  • 30 day exercise with or without load, battery equalize function available
  • Relay driver for emergency shutdown and 30 day exercise remote indication
  • 12 hour maximum runtime (with override) for automatic starting applications
  • Totally sealed for harsh environment operation


    Manufacturer Part Number GSCM
    Warranty 2-years
    Description Generator start control module
    Compatible Models Works with most electric start generators
    MOUNTING: 2 screws through tabs
    POWER: 12V to 30V DC or 24V AC Quiescent current < 10mA Relay current < 25mA ea. @ 12V
    CONNECTIONS: Qty. (28) 1/4" Spade terminals
    ON-OFF INPUTS: Grounded input = on condition Open input = off condition
    FREQUENCY INPUT 120-300V AC 0-100 Hz
    OUTPUT RATINGS Qty. (5) 10 Amp 28V DC, 240V AC Relay contacts Qty. (2) Open collector NPN transistors, Max. 200mA each
    FAULT DETECTION 5 conditions that lock out generator
    MAX. RUNTIME 12 hours in automatic start, (May be overridden)
    AMBIENT TEMP -30 to 708C
    Length 5.5  IN
    Width 3.3  IN
    Height 1.5  IN
    Weight 1.4  LB
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