Drinking Water Generators

UV (Ultraviolet): Solar H2O “New” Atmospheric Water Generators offer extra UV (Ultraviolet) protection against micro organisms, viruses, germs and parasites found in every day drinking water. Our Atmospheric Water Generators are designed to provide healthy pure water for everyone including those with low immune deficiencies.

Magnetic valve technology: All new Atmospheric Water Generator models are designed with a magnetic valve, allowing your Atmospheric Water Generator to produce water at low relative humidity levels. This allows water to be produced during certain seasons through out the year when humidity levels are very low.

Inverter Technology: Savana Solar has designed certain model Atmospheric Water Generators to operate with inverter technology, allowing the machine to operate at lower energy levels while producing water 24 hours per day and thus saving energy.

Filtration Reverse Osmosis: Each Atmospheric Water Generator water filtration design has been upgraded to filter and re filter water up to 8 and 12 stages before making the water consumable. With this method, all water delivered to you sediment free, will be the purist water you have ever tasted.