Perlight Solar 250 Watt Black Mono Solar Panel

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Quick Overview

* Easy installation and handling for various applications
* Module can bears snow loads (5400PA) and wind loads (2400PA)
* Guaranteed power output (0~+3%)
* High performance under low light conditions (Cloudy days, mornings and evenings)
* Independently certified by international certification body*

Perlight Solar 250 Watt Black Mono Solar Panel

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Super Sleek and Efficient

Electrical Characteristics
250 W
Vmp 31.1 V
Imp 8.03 A
Voc 37.1 V
Isc 8.97 A
Max sys voltage 1000 V
Module Efficiency 15.3%
PTC rating 222.1

Temperature Coefficients
47 ± 2°C
Isc +0.03%/°C
Voc -0.31%/°C
Pm -0.459%/°C
Power Tolerance -0/+5 W

Mechanical Characteristics
Cell Size (in)
6 x 6
Module Size (in) 65.0 x 39.1 x 1.8
# of cells 60 (6x10)
Weight 46 lbs : 21 kg
# of mounting holes 8
# of waterspouts 16
Standard Packaging (Modules per Pallet) 21 pcs

*outputs given at STC 1,000 W/m² 250C AM 1.5

IV Curves

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