Eoplly 230 Watt Poly Solar Panel

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Quick Overview

* Member of PV CYCLE
* High efficiency outstanding low-light performance
* Power tolerance +/-3% three bypass diodes
* Pass 5400 Pa Pressure Test
* 5 years product warranty

Eoplly 230 Watt Poly Solar Panel

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Electrical Specifications

Open Circuit Voltage at STC
36.42 V

Rated Voltage at STC

30.05 V
Short Circuit Current at STC
8.561 A
Rated Current at STC
7.705 A
Rated Maximum Power at STC
230 W
Module Efficiency 14.07 %
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Maximum System Voltage 1000 V
Hail Test 25mm diameter ice ball at 23m/s, directed at 11 inpact locations

The electrical specifications are typical average value from historical production data.
The electrical data relates to standard test conditions (STC): 1,000W/m²; AM 1.5; 25°C

Mechanical Characteristics

Solar Cell
Polycrystalline silicon solar cell 6" x 6" (156 x 156mm)

No. of Cells

60 (6 x 10)
1644 x 994 x 50mm (64.7 x 39.1 x 1.97 in)
Weight 18.8 Kg (41.4 lbs)
Front Glass
3.2mm (0.13 inches) tempered glass
Frame Anodized aluminum alloy
Junction Box
Above IP65
Cable Type


MC4 compatible
Over-current Protection Rating [A] 15A
Standard Packaging (Modules per Pallet) 29 pcs

Temperature Coefficients

Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)
47°C + 3°C

Temperature Coefficient of Pmax

Temperature Coefficient of Voc
Temperature Coefficient of Isc


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