10KW Off-Grid Solar Power Supply System

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Quick Overview

• Solar Panel Rated Output Power: 10KW

• Suitable for Daily Power Consumption: <32KWH

• Allowable Max Loads Power:10KW

10KW Off-Grid Solar Power Supply System

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This 10KW  Off-grid system with grid power bypass is mainly used for areas where there is grid network coverage but the grid power is unstable and electricity charge is high. This system also needs a battery bank to store the electricity. But the power supply can have two sources, battery bank and the grid. The battery bank shall supply the power as a priority, but when the battery electricity is not enough, the grid power shall make a supplement. The system can switch to the grid power automatically in case of battery electricity inadequacy.

System Basic Information:

• Solar Panel Rated Output Power: 10KW

• Suitable for Daily Power Consumption:

• <32KWH

• Allowable Max Loads Power:10KW


System Introduction

Off-grid solar power supply system is mainly used for application with relatively-smallpower consumption, and the areas have no grid network coverage, or grid power is inserious unstable or outage condition. It’s composed of solar panels, controller, inverter,battery bank, solar panel mounting racks, and other accessories required for acomplete system. The solar panels generate electricity at daytime and charge thebattery bank through the controller. The battery bank gives a stable power output to theinverter which converts DC to AC to power loads, and provides power backup in rainyor cloudy days. The controller gives an intelligent control of whole system process andprovides various protections. The solar-grid hybrid system provides grid power bypassin case of battery power shortage when sunshine is not enough. All the systemconfigurations are worked out by scientific calculation and design.


The solar systems are widely used for power supply of residence, remote villas,resorts, island, villages, water pumping, bill board lighting, communication base,camera monitoring, and whatever cases which are in need of power.


The solar system provides a stand-alone power supply for all users, which is independent, reliable and stable. Users shall notrely on grid power any more. The system operates for quite long service time, with little maintenance. No bills for electricity;environment friendly.

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