About Us

Savana Solar Industries, Ltd., is a Queens-New York based American company that is positioned and committed to providing the best efficient, durable, stable, and state-of-the-art solar, wind and hybrid energy products worldwide.

Our Chairman and CEO, Professor & Engineer D. Ugwudiobi is a man of vision.

He founded Savana Solar Industries, Ltd., in response to a rising need for a renewable and clean energy for all, and also to solve the high cost of fossil fuel and the threat of global warming; by using high-quality, technologically advanced alternative energy products, such as (Solar, Wind-Turbine, and Hybrid-Energy products).

At first, he started as a Professor, an installer, a dealer and a distributor of Solar, Wind, and Hybrid Energy systems and products.

Within a couple of years, the company began manufacturing her own line of Solar, Wind-Turbine, Hybrid and other alternative and clean energy products/systems, and quickly expanded the products she manufactured and distributed worldwide.

These products and systems include portable solar air-conditioners, solar-tracking system, solar water-pump system, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that generate electricity, solar batteries, solar monitoring systems, solar – street – lights, solar bulbs (indoor and outdoor), solar thermal hot water, solar pool heating systems, solar central – air - conditioning systems, solar portable (home) system, water atmospheric generator, solar court-yard lights, and many others.

A comprehensive list of our company’s products and services can be found by visiting our ecommerce website at: www.SavanaSolar.com

Savana Solar Industries, Ltd. is well known for its American manufactured and distributed brand of solar, wind-turbine, and hybrid energy products worldwide.

We are proud to be an American recognized solar industry, and also the manufacturer of the highest performing and most efficient solar, wind-turbine, and hybrid energy systems and products.

Savana Solar believes in made-in-USA, and also, complies with the Buy American Act Guidelines.

All our products are used in residential and commercial establishments to help save on high energy costs, and achieve energy independence in all applications that required to be powered by electricity.

We work with all government agencies, small and large professional installers, designers, dealers and distributors worldwide; by constantly providing training and innovative technology.

This will help us to quickly, achieve our main goal of “clean and renewable energy for all, and also; contribute in solving the global warming!”